Bernice Nauta: Schelm (2019/2020)

Bernice Nauta works with fictional characters and stories in a deeply personal universe. Figures like Schelm, a detective personified by a drop of water.

In her editions, Schelm allows the owner of the coin to leave important decisions up to him, flipping it for either “yes” or “no”. The editions explore authorship, repetition and plurality within one’s psyche. What does authorship mean when behavior is often copied?


gouache, acrylic on canvas on panel

21 x 30,4 cm

About Bernice Nauta: Bernice Nauta (b. 1991, Netherlands) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She attended the residency programmes at Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum (DE), Orbital Residency, Cantabria (ES) and the European Ceramic Work Centre, Oisterwijk (NL). Solo exhibitions include presentations at Poppositions 2018, Brussels; El faro de Cabo Mayor, Santander; Ondertussen, Stroom Den Haag; Cultuur Centrum Strombeek, Brussels; and group exhibitions at De Apotheek, Amsterdam; José de la Fuente Gallery, Santander; Assembly Point, London;  Squash Editions, Mexico City; 1646, The Hague. Nauta is part of the artist-run gallery Billytown, The Hague, where her work was shown in numerous exhibitions. We have had the pleasure of working with Nauta before in the post-graduate group exhibition Fast is Good for Us (2013).

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